10 Hollywood actress has the best breasts?


I’ll sort a list of Hollywood actresses with some of the nicest breasts –

10. Scarlett Johansson:

Measurements- 36-26-36

Cup size- 32D

9. ‌Blake Lively:

Measurements- 35-28-36

Cup size- 32C

8. ‌Alexandra Daddario:

Measurements- 35-27-34

Cup size- 32C

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7. Kylie Jenner:

Measurements- 38-27-36

Cup size- 34D

6. ‌Emily Ratajkowski:

Measurements- 35-24-34

Cup size- 32C

5. ‌Kate Upton:

Measurements- 38-26-37

Cup size- 34D

4. ‌Kelly Brook:

Measurements- 39-28-37
Cup size- 34E

3. ‌Halle Berry:

Measurements- 36-26-37
Cup size- 34C

2. ‌Brooklyn Decker:

Measurements- 36-24-34
Cup size- 32D

1. Salma Hayek:

Measurements- 39-24-36
Cup size- 36C

There’s a reason for her to take the top spot in the list. Salma Hayek is known for three things- her ambition, famously rich her husband and her amazing breasts. At 49 years old, the Mexican-Lebanese actress is still staggeringly beautiful.

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So yes, Salma Hayek has the best breasts in Hollywood.


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