How to check the honey brought from the market is pure or not;


Honey is used in every house because it is such a thing which is full of health treasures. Pure honey contains vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids. Some people do not consume honey because they fear that the honey that was purchased at their sight will be clean or not. Go to buy honey in the market so every brand guarantees 100% pure honey. But how do we assume that the honey is pure or not? Now you go there and open the bottle of honey and do not check the quality of it? But if you want you can test the pure honey at home too.

By bringing new bottle of honey we are often lost in the idea that honey is not helping us, but you yourself think that how honey will benefit us if the adulterants are mixed with honey.

Today we will give you some tips that will make you easily identify the pure honey.

Read the label before buying

Before buying honey, read the label that There is no mixed up in it.

Check the purity of honey with water

How to check the purity of honey at home

In a glass of water, pour the spoonful of honey. If honey falls down in the water then it is pure and dissolves in water even before sitting down, it is adulterated.

Check the purity of honey with Fire

Check the purity of honey with Fire

Burn a candle and wrap cotton wool in a wood and apply honey on it. Then put this honey kap of cotton on the fire, if cotton starts burning then honey is pure. Otherwise the water is mixed in honey.

Paper test

Paper test

Take the blotting paper to do this test. Then put some drops of honey on it. If there is some impurity in it, then the paper will absorb it and the pure honey will remain on the paper. You can do this work also with tissue paper.

Test with clothes

Test with clothes

Put a few drops of honey on a cloth. It will suck up the wrong honey. Also, wash the honey cloth, if the stain is lost, the honey is pure, otherwise it is impure.

Alcohol Test

Alcohol Test

Take one quantity of honey and alcohol and put it in the glass. If there is pure honey it will take the form of lump and if it is unclean it will dissolve in water. After the expiry of the experiment, honey will look like Milky White.


Put a paper with honey on fire

If honey is heated, it will become thick, but if honey is unclean then the bubbles will begin to rise in it.

Test on bread

Try it at breakfast. When you put honey on the bread, it will become hard. If there is any impurity in honey then the bread will remain soft and wet.

Honey smell

If honey is not pure then it will smell. In addition, you will see the white color floating in it. It would be nice to throw it immediately. Pure honey contains a slight smell that does not seem to be bad at all on smell.

Pure honey is accumulated in winter

Pure honey is accumulated in winter

Pure honey is accumulated in winter and melts in heat.


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