Glamorous pictures of Chunky Pandey’s niece, Alanna Pandey, again made headlines, see photos

pictures of Alana Pandey
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New Delhi. Alanna Panday is following the path of her cousin Bollywood actress Ananya Panday. Everyone is surprised on social media after seeing their glamor. Bold pictures of Alana go viral on social media. In this sequence, some of his new pictures are found on the Internet, which he himself has shared on his Instagram account.

pictures of Alana Pandey

People have been floored by these pictures shared by Alana. People are constantly praising their beauty by commenting on these pictures.

pictures of Alana Pandey

However, this is not the first time that Alana has shared her bold pictures, she has shared her bold pictures before this, and every time she shares her photos get covered on the internet. (Photo courtesy Instagram @alanaapanday)

Alana is followed by more than 7 lakh people on Instagram and the biggest reason behind this is that she is constantly active on Instagram.

pictures of Alana Pandey

Alana is constantly connected to her fans through Instagram and keeps sharing her photos in the coming days and keeps giving people her updates here. (Photo courtesy Instagram @alanaapanday)

Alana is the niece of Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey i.e. her brother Chikki Pandey’s daughter. (Photo courtesy Instagram @alanaapanday)

According to media reports, 22-year-old Alana has studied fashion from London.

pictures of Alana Pandey

According to the news, Alana is also preparing to enter Bollywood soon like sister Ananya Pandey. (Photo courtesy Instagram @alanaapanday)

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