How to generate and use Bharat QR Code


The R code, also called Quick Response Code. This is a kind of matrix bar code for trade mark. For the first time it was used for Japan’s automotive industry. The bar code is a machine-readable optical label, in which all the information contained in that object is contained, in which the object is located. There are four encoded modes in a QR code. These four modes are numeric, alphanumeric, binary, and special coding ‘Kanji’, in which all the information related to the object is vested. Due to its fast readability and high storage capacity, these QR codes were soon being used in other markets outside of the automotive industry. This proves to be very useful in comparison to the standard UPC bar code.

How to generate and use Bharat QR Code

QR Code Full Form Quick Response Code

QR Code history

This system was born by Desano Wave in 1994. At that time, its main objective was to inspect and track the trains at the time of construction. It was designed in such a way that it could be scanned in a short time. The QR code is now being used extensively. Along with the commercial tracing application, it is also used in the mobile phone related conveyance-oriented application. The mobile QR code is also called mobile tagging. It is also used for email, messaging, etc. with the help of QR code. Users can also print their QR codes. This time it is being used very well in these two dimensional bar codes.

What is QR Code and how it work

The QR code has been used in many business areas. Generally, a smartphone is used as a QR code scanner, which scans it and transforms that scanning into a useful form according to the website. Primarily, it gives a standard URL. This technique has been very important as advertising strategy, because it allows the Vaastu brand website to be faster than the URL.

Although initially it was used for vehicle tracing only, but now its use has increased significantly, in which areas like commercial tracking, transport-ticketing, loyalty and marketing have become very important. It is also used by many organizations to protect their personal information.

QR code can also be viewed in Magazine, Bus or other personal card, which contains its URL and other information.

  • For mobile systems: QR code is used for various mobile devices. These devices can make URL redirection very comfortable, which sends all the metadata contained in the QR code into the application of the device. Many paid and free mobile applications are available for QR code scans.
  • URL: There is no need to enter the URL and remember the name of the website. Once the QR code is created, it is easily scanned by visiting the brand’s website.
  • Website Login: QR code can be used for website login. If the registered user scans from his smartphone on the QR code given in the login screen of the computer screen, he himself is logged in himself. In the year 2012, these log ins used by Google for the first time.

QR Code design

Initially, it was one-dimensional, which was scanned with the help of a narrow light beam, but in the meantime its ‘Two Dimensional Digital Image Scanner’ was created and used to be used. Its processor establishes three different sections in the corners of the QR image. Dot points used in this image contain binary numbers, which are used for error correction of algorithms.

QR Code encoding

Its format information stores two things in itself. These are two formats: mask pattern and error correction level. The use of masking is used to reach the pattern of data. In its black area, the modes that are reversed are maintained. The message dataset used in it is printed in the Zig-Jig pattern on the left side. Due to alignment, it becomes complicated, and is used for various handwritten error correction blocks.

Bharat QR Code

Bharat QR Code is a great payment system. Using this, you can help with your smartphone and pay by using your debit card or credit card. There is no need to swipe the card in any way.

At this time, Rupee, MasterCard, Visa and other American Express cards can be linked to Bharat QR Code. You can also use your bank application for Bharat QR payment. For this you open the application and click on ‘Bharat QR’ icon, many bank applications give it the option of ‘scan’ only, click here. Scan your QR code, then enter the number and give your PIN number. Your payment will be done. Not only scanning of Bharat QR Code is an option, but also payment can be made using the account number, IFCs code, the UPA Payment Solar Base Number.

Bharat QR Code is the world’s first inter-paid payment service, which will be used as an additional fee for use. For the last few months, the government has been taking all meaningful steps to promote digital payments. Bheem application is the endeavor of this effort. Bharat QR Code, created by National Payment Corporation of India, will facilitate transactions by scanning the QR code only to businessmen. This requires only a QR code.

According to the NCPI director AP Hota, ‘Home Grown Card Network’ is one of the most successful digital payment cards in the world. Bharat QR Code is the second such beginning, with the help of which the Les Cash Economy will be prepared at the minimum cost.

How to create Bharat QR code

Now for the digital payment the shopkeeper will not need any POS machine. To get digital payment now, we need to create Bharat QR code only. For this, the shopkeeper will need such bank account, which is also attached to the Bhim App along with the base. Bharat QR code is generated from Bhim App. Printers can print the QR code obtained from Bhima Application and keep the shopkeeper sticking to their payment desk. Whenever a customer has to pay, he will be able to pay this QR code by scanning his mobile application. Read how to download and use Bhim App here.

How to use Bharat QR code

With the help of Bharat QR code payment has become very easy. Now, when going to the shop, no money required nor any kind of card. It is possible to market with just a smart phone and the Bhim Apes, with the help of these two things. Bank Account must be attached to Bhim App:

If you are a customer:

  • To make a payment with the help of Bharat QR code, the customer should first download the Bhima application in his mobile phone.
  • Log in to this application at the time of payment and select the ‘Payment Through QR Code’ option.
  • Scan the print of the QR code placed at the shop’s cash counter on opening it.
  • As soon as the scan is done, the customer’s mobile phone comes with all the details of the shopkeeper. After this, insert the PIN at the end with the necessary amount, payment details etc. Payment will be completed as soon as the PIN is entered.

If you merchant :

  • The merchant can also get the QR code from his bank.
  • he merchant has to download India QR Code attached app to his smartphone.
  • Once the affiliate of your business account in this application, the merchant will be able to get the payment in the account with the help of QR code.

Bharat QR code benefits

Bharat QR code is also going to benefit the merchants with customers. It is a meaningful step of the government to make India’s economy a ‘cash lace’. The importance of India QR for customers and traders is given below:

  • Benefits to customers: With the help of this, the customer will be able to pay without using credit or debit card. This will reduce the likelihood of the customer’s banking position becoming more common and the customer will avoid many types of fraud. When swiping in card POS machine, often the customer’s card number, CVV, validity limit etc. are avoided.
  • Benefits to merchants: With the help of this, the trader can get the payment amount without the use of POS machine. Therefore, traders will avoid additional spending of POS machine. There will be no additional charge in the payments being made under India QR code, which is often in credit or debit card. The amount of payment made using this facility will be accessed in the merchant’s account very quickly. Also, better service than mobile wallet, India does not set any limits for QR code payment. During the payment, the customer can transfer any amount as per the requirement, in the beneficiary’s account. Read the difference in credit and debit cards here.

Things required for the use of Bharat QR code

Bharat QR code for digital payment can be used very easily. For this, it is very important for the customer to have a smart phone. The customer will need a great app in his mobile phone, with the help of payment. Many banks have also updated the features of Bhim Application in their formal application, with the help of which Bharat QR code can be scanned. ICICI Bank is taking the help of iMobile application for this.

Bharat QR code facts

  • Whenever any new thing comes into the market, it takes time to make the place between the people. Although there were cashless payments in India already, different types of cards were required for it. Many times cheating cases were also present with credit cards, which caused huge losses to customers. With the help of the Bharat QR Code, there is no possibility of any kind of fraud.
  • Payment made with this help goes straight to the beneficiary’s account. In mobile wallet, customers often feel insecurity. Where the RBI has fixed a limit for payments with the help of mobile wallet, there is no fixed payment limit for Bharat QR code. Due to the continuation of the government, its operation is also being done very well. Read what the mobile wallet is and how it works.
  • Using a skimming technique with POS machine, a person can get all the necessary information of any customer’s card. With the help of these information the customer’s bank account may be in danger. This threat is terminated by using the Bharat QR code. This service is the safest cashless payment service ever offered by the National Payment Corporation of India.
  • Bharat QR code has come into existence with four major card payment service MasterCard, Visa, Rupee and American Express.


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