What importance do titles have in WWE if everything is scripted?


Titles are typically given to wrestlers that embody a strong work ethic, strive to hone their craft in the ring with every match, go out of their way to make their opponents look good and are willing to do all of the media rounds, as well as the rigorous travel schedule.

Such things as fan participation and merchandise sales are 2 strong indicators, also. It’s no secret that when Steve Austin uttered 3:16, the merch sales went through the roof. Rey Mysterio masks were the #1 seller for quite a long time, but then John Cena’s Thug-O-Nomics era sparked renewed interest in throwback jerseys, chains and baseball caps.

When they put the belt on Cena, not only did their merch numbers rocket to new records, but he turned into a machine for promotional work and has over 500 Make-A-Wish visits logged in. That’s one hell of an accomplishment.

You may or may not like Cena’s ring work, but his love of wrestling and fierce dedication to promoting it should not only be respected, but admired.

Think of it as a Google Algorithm for search rankings :

* Who is a strong babyface or villain?

* Which stars are selling the most merchandise?

* Who has a strong internet following on social media accounts?

* What wrestlers are helping build the brand with extra work outside of the show?

* Who doesn’t complain in the locker room?

* Who does what they are told and strives to do it well?

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If they keep the belt on Seth Rollins after this pay-per-view, I will be shocked. The damage his girlfriend did with all of the racist propaganda on Instagram is going to bite him. It’s bad PR for the company and they can’t have their “face” of the company associated with all of that.

Keep an eye on Sheamus cashing in on Seth, after Cena and Sting get done with him.


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