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Shama Sikander is a real water baby, watch her New bikini photos

Bollywood | Actress Shama Sikander is one of the Bollywood actresses who are popularly known as Water Baby. Because swimming pool or Samudra Shama specializes in beating the heart of fans by posing everywhere. Shama Sikander keeps her headlines on social media by sharing her New bikini photos/pictures of her charmed acts on social media.

Pictures of Shama Sikander

shama-sikander shama-sikander

Shama Sikander’s Instagram is full of bold photos. It seems that she is also missing vacation these days. In these pictures, Shama Sikander is seen in a very bold style. These pictures of him are stealing the heart of his fans. Please tell that Shama is among those actresses who have worked on TV, Bollywood, and music videos everywhere.

Shama Sikander started her career with the film Fardeen Khan’s debut film ‘Prem Agan’.


shama-sikander shama-sikanderHe also played a character in Aamir Khan’s film ‘Mana’. Shama is quite popular on social media, her pictures go viral as soon as they appear.

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